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Partnerships Energize LAC Activities

Collaborating with community partners helps the Legacy Museum extend its outreach, while at the same time supporting the work of other worthwhile community organizations and activities.
This spring, the Legacy Activity Center is collaborating with Sandy Knodel and Sylvia Hobson, co-directors of the Festival Center on Madison Street and Hope II at Lynchburg High Apartments, to […]

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Jabberwock: Serious Fun

Anyone doubting that the Legacy Activity Center does not deserve the word “activity” in its name should have dropped by the LAC on March 28th. The two lower rooms were teeming over with both children and adults. The children, under the supervision of local artist and board member Ann van de Graaf, were concentrating intensely […]

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Anne Spencer Revisited: A Special Day at the Activity Center

The screening of Anne Spencer Revisited on Sunday, March 15, in the Activity Center was not just any screening of any film, and the audience was not just any audience. In her introduction of Keith Lee, who produced the film, Legacy board member Carla Heath pointed out the uniqueness of Anne Spencer Revisited: it is […]

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