Anna L. Nellum Robinson (1900-1995) Lynchburg Public Health Nurse

Anna Nellum Robinson was Lynchburg’s second public health nurse, serving from 1923 until 1938. Her work in Lynchburg began immediately after her training at Hampton Institute and Dixie Hospital in Hampton, Virginia. In this 1990 photograph she is at the podium. To her right are Lavlette Smith, whose birthday is being celebrated, and Rev. Arthur Holmes of Eighth Street Baptist Church.

Loaned by Evanda Jefferson

Postcard, 1990
Anna Nellum Robinson to Dorothy Mabin

In 1990 Anna Nellum Robinson wrote about her plans to attend a birthday celebration for Lavlette Smith, her fellow public health nurse, in Lynchburg later that year.

Loaned by Dorothy Mabin

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