Dr. G. L. Alfonso Pogue (1888-1956) Bedford Physician

Born in Fincastle, Dr. G. L. Alfonso Pogue attended Virginia State College and Leonard Medical College of Shaw University. Around 1913 he opened a drug store on South Bridge Street in Bedford. Dr. Pogue’s wife remembered that “both white and colored came to Pogue’s Drug Store and it was the only place in town where blacks and whites could have a plate of ice cream together.” Dr. Pogue practiced medicine in Bedford for 44 years; three quarters of his patients were white.

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  1. bill mosley says:

    My company presently owns and is renovating Dr. Pogue’s home at 410 South St. in Bedford. It was built soon after 1920, and Dr. Pogue and his wife had, I believe, 4 children. Their 2 boys both became physicians in the military, Dr. William Godfrey Pogue, who died in 1968 in Washington, D.C., and Dr. Elbert H. Pogue of Elizabeth, NJ.

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