Dr. Leon M. Braswell (1904-1958) Lynchburg Physician

A native of Norfolk, Dr. Leon M. Braswell attended Lincoln University and received his M.D. degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville in 1936. After an internship at Provident Hospital in Baltimore, Dr. Braswell opened his office on Fifth Street in Lynchburg, where he practiced from 1937 until 1958.

Loaned by Leon M. Braswell, Jr.

Record of O.B. deliveries, 1938-1945

Dr. Leon Braswell kept a detailed record of the babies he delivered, with date and hour of birth, weight at birth, and parents’ names and occupations. Dr. Braswell belonged to the Hill City Medical Society and the Old Dominion Medical Society. In 1949 he was named state vice-president of the National Medical Association.

Loaned by Leon M. Braswell, Jr.

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