Berda Mack (b. 1933) Brooklyn, NY, and Lynchburg Nurse

Born in Forest, Virginia, Berda Mack went to school in Lynchburg and graduated from Dunbar High School. In 1955 she graduated from the Central School for Practical Nurses in Roosevelt Island, New York. In this photograph she is on the right, third row back.

Loaned by Berda Mack


Nurse’s Badges and Nameplate

Berda Mack was licensed as a registered nurse in 1971 and seven years later received a bachelor’s degree from Long Island University. For twenty-two years she worked in Brooklyn, NY, as a licensed practical nurse and pediatric nurse practitioner.

In 1978 she moved to Lynchburg, where she continued her career first as registered nurse coordinator at the Central Virginia Training Center and then as a public health nurse for the Lynchburg Health Department. She retired in 1990 and is active in the campaign for sickle cell awareness.

Loaned by Berda Mack

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