Cora Mattocks Central Virginia Public Health Nurse

Cora Mattocks graduated from the Community Hospital School of Nursing in Wilmington, NC, and received her BS in nursing from North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. In 1982 she earned a master’s degree in education from Lynchburg College.

Loaned by Cora Mattocks

Cora Mattocks, 1992 Nursing Supervisor

After serving as a staff nurse at the Washington, DC, General Hospital and Veterans Hospital, Cora Mattocks spent twenty years in public health nursing in the Lynchburg area. Part of that time she was nursing supervisor for Bedford and Amherst counties. In 1991 she received the Akers Award for her participation in community affairs, including health fairs and the Sickle Cell Awareness Council.

Loaned by Cora Mattocks


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