Mildred Green Diggs (b. 1945) Lynchburg Nurse

“As a child my dream was to be a part of the medical profession. In March of 1970 that dream became a reality when I graduated from Bedford County Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.”

“I will never forget my first day as a student. I walked into a class of nine females, all with the same goal in mind. I must admit that on that day I felt somewhat intimidated and fearful. I asked myself, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do?’ Being the only Black student in the class did not help matters. However, I was determined that I would and could complete this challenge in my life.”

Mildred Green Diggs, who grew up in Lynchburg and Washington, DC, worked as a licensed practical nurse in the specialty units at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

Loaned by Mildred Green Diggs

Nurse’s Pins

Loaned by Mildred Green Diggs

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