Dr. Lincoln I. Diuguid (b. 1917) Missouri Chemist

Lincoln Diuguid grew up in Lynchburg. After receiving a BS magna cum laude in 1938 from West Virginia State College, he earned the MS and PhD degrees in organic chemistry from Cornell University, completing his education in 1945. He taught college chemistry in Arkansas and Missouri and continued doing research and publishing on topics including cancer and leukemia. He also served as director of the Du-Good Chemical Laboratory in St. Louis, Missouri.

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4 Responses to Dr. Lincoln I. Diuguid (b. 1917) Missouri Chemist

  1. Guy E. Tucker says:

    Dr. Diuguid was and instructor of mine at Harris Stowe. I also worked as a lab assistant at the college and a few times at his laboratory on Jefferson.

    I credit Dr. Diuguid as a major reason why I had a successful career as a meteorologist.

  2. Calvin Riley says:

    Dr. Diuguid was one of my professors at Harris Stowe. I learned today that he is in a nursing home. He was a GREAT professor with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. I enjoyed his class. I did not know that it had been so long, because I am also a retired educator.

  3. Russ Scarato says:

    Dr Diuguid hired me as a lab assistant doing clean-up and glass blowing in his Jefferson Ave lab. He was instrumental in my going Wash. University in 1952 and has been a presence in my life as a mentor since.

  4. Donald L. Dunn says:

    Dr. Diuguid was my chemistry Professor at Harris in 1955-56. He was a joy and an inspiration. We always looked forward to his classes. Two other of his students , Jim Lang and Bob Bernard, and I took him to lunch once in a while just to keep in touch and let him know that he had an impact upon our lives. We thought that he was a remarkable man. I’d like to think that both Jim and Bob will continue the discussions with the Professor in heaven. Sorry for your loss. Don Dunn

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