Other Central Virginia Health Care Workers

Central Virginia health care workers who served after 1945 and who do not appear elsewhere in the exhibit include the following persons. This list is not complete.

Physicians: Dr. Arthur Grieg of Lynchburg and Dr. Debra Gabriel, a Bedford native who practiced in Mississippi

Lynchburg nurses: Mary Ballard, Ola Beatty, Clara Compton, Maxine Ferguson, Louise C. Fleshman, Hester Houston, Gertrude Mitchell, Geraldine M. Morris, Ozelia Robinson, Sylvia Stone, Louis Wilson, Ollie M. Woodruff

Bedford registered nurses: Sarah Davis, Harriet Hurt, Annie Lynton, Pearl Mallory

Bedford licensed practical nurses: Ali Black, Sarah Hurt, Marie Otey, Ardell H. Parker, Esther Proctor, Violet Brown Ragland, Gloria Thomas, Edith Williams

Lynchburg General Hospital X-ray assistant: Rose Shields

Lynchburg General Hospital Orderlies: Samuel E. Brewer, Sr., Pernell Henley, Fleming Jackson, Ed Jones, Terry Morris, Richard Patterson, Nick Reid, Stewart Robinson, Sydney Robinson, Wendell Tanner, McKinley Walthall, Herbert White, Isaac Yellock,

Lynchburg General Hospital Nurse’s Aides and Assistants: Virginia Bayes, Edwina Beverly, Evelyn Dennis, Lucy Fox, Lena Henley, Elaine Johnson, Lola Jones, Octavia McDaniel, Arsene Morris, Lottie Morris, Emma Saunders, Minnie Rose Walker, Nannie Walthall

Lynchburg General Hospital Cooks: Ruth Anderson, Bernice Brewer, Josh Cary

Lynchburg General Hospital Laundry Workers: Grace Anderson, Mabel Bayes, Sadie Carter, Virgie Collins, Evelyn Harley

Lynchburg General Hospital Housekeeping: Jessie Brown, Elsie Chambers, Fannie Cheeks, Eleanor Horsley, Frances Miller, Iris Phillips, Mary Scott

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