Elizabeth Frances “Fannie” Harvey (1826-1899)

Elizabeth Harvey Display
Fannie Harvey (1826-1899), a white woman, taught black children in Lynchburg for over forty years. Orra Langhorne, who visited Fannie Harvey’s schoolroom in 1880, observed that “Miss Harvey is one of those truly called to teach. . . . Instead of the switch or ruler, which so often forms the badge of office with instructors, her table is covered with plants and minerals, the nature of which ‘Miss Fanny’ carefully explains to her pupils, and the interest the children show in collecting such things testifies to the confidence and affection they feel for their teacher.” Langhorne went on to observe that Fannie Harvey’s students “generally are under the usual disadvantage of poverty, a great many of them being compelled to lose much time from school to work in the Tobacco factories, their wages being, very often, an important part of family support.” (1826-1899)

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