Higher Education

The restrictive race customs of the day dictated instruction that prepared African Americans for manual labor. Men learned such crafts as plastering, joinery, and painting. Women were taught domestic sciences, such as ironing, dressmaking, and food preparation. The emphasis on vocational education reflected the view that job opportunities for African Americans were and would continue to be limited.

These images can be seen at the University of Virginia Library site:

  1. Plastering Department, Hampton Institute, c. 1900
  2. Joinery Class, Hampton Institute, c. 1900
  3. Painting Shop, Hampton Institute, c. 1900
  4. Laundry Class, Hampton Institute, c. 1900
  5. Dressmaking Class, Hampton Institute, c. 1900

Other Exhibit Items

  1. Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute
  2. Frank Trigg, Jr.
  3. Virginia Collegiate and Industrial Institute
  4. Commencement invitation
  5. Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute

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