Reverend Thomas W. Tweedy

Reverend Thomas W. Tweedy, born a slave, taught for fifty years in Campbell and Bedford counties. He was an advocate and fund-raiser for black secondary education. Tweedy and Gabriel Hunt mortgaged their personal property to erect the first Campbell County Training School for African Americans in the late 1920s.

Loaned by Pilot Mountain Baptist Church

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  1. Cynthia White says:

    Hello Legacy!

    I was born in Lynchburg (1954), but moved with my parents to D.C. when I was two. I am now interested in genealogy, and have been planning a trip to Lynchburg & Campbell county this spring (I live in Maryland). My parents and grandparents were from Rustburg, Concord, and thereabouts — and they attended Pilot Mountain Baptist Church! I remember my mother (who’s now 90), talking about Reverend Tweedy — I believe he married my grandparents! Our family names are Diuguid/Harvey, Jones/Moore. I would love to get contact information for Pilot Mountain Baptist Church, if you could provide it to me. I would also love to speak with someone there at the Museum, who could give me some pointers on what to look for when I come. The family farm address was Rt3, Box 83 — tips on locating this property would also be appreciated.

    Cynthia White

    • Legacy Museum says:

      Ms. White,
      Thank you for your post and interest in Central VA history. Please do contact AND visit the Legacy Museum when you are in the area. The number there is 434-845-3455; Nina Polley and/or Talea Teasley will be glad to help you with your search. The phone number for the Pilot Mountain Baptist Church is 434-993-3486.
      Best Regard,
      Carla Heah

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