Adolphus Humbles, Sr.

Adolphus Humbles, Sr. (1845-1926) did not enjoy the advantage of a formal education, but thanks to his generosity, many young African Americans did. Humbles never learned to read or write more than his name. He was a hard worker who was also very frugal. A wealthy landowner, Humbles was one of Lynchburg’s first leaders. He founded and built the community of Jacksontown in Campbell County and developed a toll road business. He also owned a successful coal and wood business. Humbles purchased the land on which the Virginia Seminary and Theological College was built, and he continued to lend financial support to Virginia Seminary for the rest of his life. Humbles Hall, a building at the school, was named in his honor.

2 Responses to Adolphus Humbles, Sr.

  1. marion brown says:

    I may be related to Adolphus Humbles. Do you have the backstory on wife(wives) and children/descendants? Thank you!

    • Legacy Museum says:

      Legacy itself does not have information on Humbles; however, the Lynchburg Public Library does have a file on him as my the Jones Memorial Library and Virginia Univ. of Lynchburg,

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