Virginia Theological Seminary and College – Part 2

The 1916-17 academic year revealed the success of the school with an enrollment of 310 students representing twenty-two states and four foreign countries. By 1917, four hundred students had graduated from Virginia Seminary. Of these, 118 had entered the ministry, eight were serving as missionaries, twenty were doctors, ten were dentists, ten were lawyers, four were nurses, thirty were professors, two were college presidents, two were principals of academies, eighteen were employed as civil service workers, and many others were teachers.

Throughout its early decades, Virginia Theological Seminary and College was guided by a vision of self-help based on confidence in African Americans’ determination and willingness to sacrifice to achieve their goals.

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Exhibit Items

  1. Rev. Frank B. Woodard
  2. Suit coat and vest
  3. Rosa Jones
  4. 1910 gown
  5. Skirt and Top
  6. Slippers

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