Trouble Don’t Las’ Always to open June 30, 2012

Trouble Don’t Las’ Always: African American Life During and After the Civil War in Central Virginia, 1860-1890 to open Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Legacy Museum’s eleventh annual exhibit, Trouble Don’t Las’ Always, curated by Dianne Swann Wright will explore and contrast what life was like for African Americans in Central Virginia when ‘Trouble’ ws in their lives and how they fared when trouble left and ‘always’ began.

This Civil War exhibit will focus on what filled African American minds, absorbed their labor, fueled their fears, dropped them to their knees to pray, and drew forth their creativity and wisdom.  It will explain how and why ‘hundreds’ of African American men fought against freedom when they had a chance. It will explore life and work in a place where slavery existed in fields, factories, and modes of transportation.  It will examine the ways in which the towns and countryside were and were not transformed once freedom came.

The artifacts and stories that comprise Legacy exhibits are compiled by a team of volunteer collectors who conduct oral history interviews with area residents and comb attics and photo albums for objects and images that tell the stories of Central Virginia African Americans. The kinds of artifacts that will be needed in this exhibit are existing registrations or free papers; any documents relating to slavery; any materials from African American households; toys; musical instruments; pre-1890 photos and Bibles.  Anyone with suitable items to lend or donate for the exhibit should call the Museum 434-845-3455.

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Curator, Dianne Swann-Wright with doll made from a mid-19th c. quilt

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2 Responses to Trouble Don’t Las’ Always to open June 30, 2012

  1. Jane Toy says:

    Ms. Wright, will you be posting pictures of the exhibit when it is finished? Would love to see pictures and information. I would love to attend, but i am in California.

    • Legacy Museum says:

      Yes Ms Toy. The entire exhibit should be posted soon. Please let me know what you think of the exhibit after you have had a chance to “tour” it. Thank you for your interest. Dr. Dianne Swann-Wright

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