A Performance Space in the Making

On two Saturdays in March, a couple dozen high school students, participants in the SPECS program, along with Museum board members, staff, and friends, hauled gravel, built retaining walls, and helped erect a gazebo in the lot adjacent to the Museum. Volunteers worked under the direction of architect Kelvin Moore and contractor Tom Gerdy. The gazebo was purchased from Valley Structures and installed by Mary Lynn Cate and Pete Foss.

SPECS (Student Participation in Education and Citizen Support) has participated in a number of work projects in the community in the past several years. According to Moore, the organization’s founder, SPECS is about “linking youth to the community.” The objectives of the program are for kids and adults to work together and for kids to learn about non-profit organizations, how to work hard and to work together, and to feel good about themselves and their efforts. SPECS made a significant contribution to the Museum; Moore estimates the volunteers saved the Museum as much as $2,300 in labor costs.

The landscaping will be completed once the rains cease. The outdoor space will make it possible to expand museum activities to include storytelling afternoons, concerts, receptions, and even a fish-fry.

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