Amherst County Training School

Pastor Margaret Nelson, Colonel US Air Force (Ret.)

Panelists Hon. Willard Douglas, Jr. and Patricia Rose

On Saturday November 19 at 3 p.m. The Legacy Museum of African American in collaboration with the Amherst Glebe Arts Response screened the oral history documentary, “Three Schools: Amherst Training School” followed by recollections and reflections by some of those who taught and studied in the school.

The highlight of the afternoon were remarks by former teacher Edith Jones, a spry 103!  Ms Jones spoke enthusiastically about her days in the classroom and repeatedly expressed her love of teaching. Several of the former school pupils who were present fondly noted how ‘Miss Edith” made first grade a non-threatening and happy experience.

The panelists all expressed their gratitude to their teachers and parents who were determined that they should succeed–and they did–going on to serving their country in the military and becoming valuable members of their communities.

Panelists include former Amherst Training School students: Judge Willard Douglas, the first Black judge in Virginia, Patricia Rose, owner of What a Blessing Bakery, Gloria Higginbotham, Jean Higginbotham-Sandige, and Pastor Margaret Nelson.  Col. U.S. Air Force, (Rt.).  Lynn Rainville, Director of the Tusculeum Institute at Sweet Briar College, and Lynn Kabel, President of the Glebe Arts Response, moderated the discussion.

Edith Jones, beloved Training School teacher

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