Legacy Museum Benefits from Campbell Birthday Celebration

On November 10, 2007, the Legacy Museum was the scene of a lively party. The cause for celebration was Cornelia Campbell’s eightieth birthday. As if an eightieth birthday alone were not sufficient justification for a get-together, the party also had a very special mission. Mrs. Campbell’s daughter, Autrice, and her son, Junius, had discovered a way to honor their mother not only on her birthday, but also in years to come. Party invitations challenged guests to commit in advance to a donation to the museum. Thus did guests consume shrimp and other party delicacies with the unique and enhanced satisfaction of knowing that this fleeting pleasure would have a lasting effect on future generations. The party raised $3,600 for the museum!

Asked if she intends to do the same for her ninetieth birthday, Mrs. Campbell replied that not only does she indeed plan to stage a repeat performance in ten years, but again on the occasion of her one hundred-and-tenth birthday!

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