Legacy Board Member Named to YWCA Academy of Women

For volunteer service to the Legacy Museum, board member Carolyn Bell was honored at the YWCA’s semi-annual Women of Achievement dinner on October 30 at the Kirkley Hotel.

Nine other local women were also honored, representing such categories as the arts, communication, science, education, and business. Carolyn, who has served on the Legacy board since it was incorporated in 1995, was nominated by fellow board member Joyce Dixon.

Carolyn’s acknowledgement of the Y’s recognition included the following remarks:

The reason I work at Legacy is that I believe I owe a debt.

Like many people in this room, I grew up in the segregated South. My good public education, and the professional opportunities open to me, came at the expense of African Americans whose schools were consistently underfunded, and whose opportunities were consistently limited. My family was far from wealthy, but my parents, and their parents before them, owned their homes in an era when banks would not lend African Americans the money they needed to establish economic security for their families.

What are a few hours a week at Legacy, compared to thousands of years? Not very much. But a few hours a week is time enough to make some small payments on my big debt. And those small payments have in turn repaid me rich rewards of learning, challenge, and friendship.

I’m so grateful for all that Legacy has given me, including this wonderful honor tonight.

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