Geral Butler Offers Portraiture Class at LAC

On February 7, a portrait-drawing class taught by Lynchburg artist Geral Butler took place in the Legacy Activity Center. Mrs. Butler, a Lynchburg native and graduate of the Tyler School of the Arts of Temple University, taught at Heritage High School until her retirement in 1992. Since retirement, she has enjoyed being able to indulge in her passion of painting full-time. Some of her work can be seen at the Lynchburg Art Club and at Africa House on the campus of Virginia University of Lynchburg. Mrs. Butler’s own experience should inspire and encourage any young person interested in art: at the age of five, she won a state prize for a self-portrait!

Following carefully explained instructions, participants picked up their charcoal and began their first efforts at portraiture. They learned that the length of a person’s face, from chin to forehead reflects the person’s shoe size, that irises line up with the corners of the mouth, and that arm length from chin to elbow is the same as from elbow to wrist.

The end results proved the effectiveness of applying these rules of proportion. Each participant departed happily with his or her own very convincing likeness of a human face.

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