Children’s Annex Moves Along

The first phase of work on the Children’s Annex is finished. The charming old house next door to the Museum is now stable, and new concrete steps give access to the porch from the public sidewalk. But there is still much to be done to transform the interior into a vibrant, flexible space for storytelling, crafts, educational games, audio and video programs, singing, and hands-on experience with artifacts. The space and programs will be geared towards children, but the whole family will be encouraged to participate.

Program and activities in the Children’s Annex will encourage multidisciplinary and intergenerational learning. Children will learn about social customs, achievements of individuals, ways people lived in the past, and objects they surrounded themselves with. This informal venue for telling the story of African American history and culture to help younger audiences will help Legacy to encourage interracial understanding and harmony in the community.

The Annex will also provide office space and a community room for public meetings, exhibits, programs, and forums. These new spaces will free up room in the main building for badly needed storage.

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