Documentary Film Plays to Enthusiastic Audiences, Thanks to Gloria Cannady

In February, three different audiences had a rare opportunity to view the documentary film, Til Justice Rolls Down, at the Legacy Activity Center. Spontaneous and lively discussions followed each viewing. The thirty-minute documentary, first aired on WSET-TV in 2000, is, due to copyright laws, unavailable for purchase, but Gloria Cannady, who wrote and directed the film, has generously given a copy to the Museum.

This program was an example of the best that the Legacy can achieve: it brought young and old together to examine past struggles and accomplishments. A contributing factor to the quality of the discussions was that each group happened to have several participants who had been active themselves in the events documented and/or had known many of those in the film. For example, one member of the audience had participated in the integration of Paul Munro School.

The film features such incidents as the 1960 sit-in at Patterson’s Drugstore on Main Street, the closing of the city’s public swimming pools, the desegregation of Lynchburg City schools, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s visit to Lynchburg in 1962. Interviewees seen in the film include Rev. Virgil Wood, Rev. John Teeter, Owen Cardwell, Jr., and Lynda Woodruff.

The Board of Directors, visitors to the Museum, and all who care about the importance of history owe a debt of gratitude to Gloria Cannady, who, while working at WSET, rescued the footage from the garbage bin.

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