Angela Graham Elected President of Legacy Board of Directors

Angela Graham has returned to her native city after an almost twenty-five year absence. Both Angela and Lynchburg have changed during her time away. One could say that both have a different perspective now. Angela has acquired hers by living in different places, and the city has acquired its by becoming more diverse. Angela has a degree from Virginia Union University in Richmond, where she majored in biology and minored in chemistry. She has an additional degree in nursing, earned while living in Fayetteville, NC, where her husband, Timotheus, was stationed in the Army. The military also took the couple and their son and daughter to Georgia, Kansas, and Texas, as well as to Panama, where they lived for six years. While in Panama, Angela was able to polish Spanish skills acquired at Heritage High School. Her command of Spanish has become a great asset in her work as a nurse. During her nursing career, she has worked in a prison and a dialysis unit. She is now engaged in home health care, which affords personal contact with patients that she particularly enjoys.

Angela’s hobbies and interests range from doing cross-stitch, for which she rarely finds time now, to cooking. While Timotheus was stationed in Korea, Angela and the children remained in the US, but he brought a love of Korean food back with him and has cleverly managed to interest his wife in cooking it. Under his influence and that of a Korean friend, she has developed a number of Korean specialties. The Grahams enjoy entertaining, so their lucky friends get to sample her Korean efforts.

When not cooking up delicious Korean dinners, the Grahams like going to the theater. They are particularly drawn to plays by Tyler Perry. Angela patiently explained to the ignorant interviewer that Perry’s plays first made their reputation on the “Chitlin’ Circuit”-small black theaters-and have now become part of the mainstream. As well-informed readers of the Legacy newsletter no doubt know already, one of Perry’s plays, Madea Goes to Jail, is a film currently appearing in movie theaters to enthusiastic audiences.

Angela sees the Legacy Museum as “a bond that pulls the past to the future.” She realizes that if adults do not pass on their history and experience to the younger generation, important stories will be lost. If young people appear uninterested, it is only because they do not know enough. It is equally important, in her opinion, that adults emphasize the positive in order to build up the next generation, rather than break it down. The young ones need to learn about the contributions of both national and local African Americans.

One of the goals of our new president is to strengthen collaboration between the Legacy Museum and the city school system. She views the Legacy Museum as a conduit of education for the city. Another goal is to increase Museum activities by sponsoring more events during Black History Month and by partnering with other organizations that already have programs in place.

We welcome the vision and ambitious agenda of our new president and might even consider allowing her to indulge in some multi-tasking by engaging in cross-stitch during board meetings. This could also contribute to maintaining her calm, relaxed manner.

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