Grants from Community Trust and R. R. Donnelly Help Meet NEH Challenge

When the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust announced its grants for 2003 the first week in June, the Legacy Museum was one of a few grant applicants to be awarded the entire amount requested, $10,000. That same week, the R.R. Donnelly Foundation pledged $15,000, payable over then next three years, to the endowment fund. Both donations will go toward matching the NEH challenge grant.

The Community Trust is a fund that provides for the administration and investment of gifts and bequests for the benefit of the cities of Lynchburg and Bedford and the counties of Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell. Needs served include human services to children, youth, the needy, and the elderly; education; health; the arts; and the humanities. The Legacy grant is from the Thomas F. Harwood Charitable Fund.

This is the Museum’s fifth grant from the Trust. The first, made in 1998 supported the building fund. The second, in 1999, bought display units, and the third, in 2000, purchased exhibit equipment. The fourth grant, in 2002, funded design and printing of the Museum’s first brochure and helped to defray expenses related to the 2002-03 education exhibit.

The R.R. Donnelly Foundation is also a founding donor. A 1998 grant of $20,000 contributed significantly to the building fund that made the Museum possible. The Foundation’s vice president, Susan Levy, who presented the earlier grant, recently visited the Museum. According to museum administrator Cheryl Stallings, who showed Levy around, she “fell in love” with Legacy. Speaking on behalf of the Foundation, which is based in Chicago, Janie Davis said that the Legacy Museum is “in line with corporate goals.” It is an “exceptional facility to promote local history.”

These grants are important not only because they help the Museum meet the $100,000 NEH challenge grant but also because they signal local and national confidence in and support for Legacy’s mission.

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