Jabberwock: Serious Fun

Anyone doubting that the Legacy Activity Center does not deserve the word “activity” in its name should have dropped by the LAC on March 28th. The two lower rooms were teeming over with both children and adults. The children, under the supervision of local artist and board member Ann van de Graaf, were concentrating intensely on the task of learning the art of papier maché in order to create masks. A group of women in the other room were concentrating intensely on the task of enjoying each other’s company while their children, grandchildren, and Ann worked. These women were sisters of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, the group sponsoring the event as part of a larger undertaking called “Jabberwock.” Two of them, Gloria Cardwell and Lenora Ingram, patiently tried to inform the clueless writer of this article about Jabberwock.

“Jabberwock” is the character in Alice in Wonderland who summoned all of the creatures of his kingdom to put on a show. In keeping with this spirit, the highlight of the Lynchburg Jabberwock, the ninth one sponsored by the Lynchburg alumnae chapter of the sorority, will be an evening of fun and entertainment on November 14. Its theme will be Mardi Gras. This explains the mask-making workshop, but Jabberwock activities are not only about fun and entertainment. They are about mentoring the young and raising money for scholarships. For example, another, more serious event is a visit to three local black-owned businesses for children from ages eight to thirteen. Children also go out into the community to solicit donations for the scholarship fund. The young lady who raises the most money is honored as “Little Miss Jabberwock,” and the boy who raises the most money is given the title “Little Master Jabberwock.”

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