Jamaal Crone Begins Summer Work in Social Entrepreneurship

Jamaal Crone, a rising senior at Lynchburg College, began work on May 23 as a summer intern at the Legacy Museum.

Jamaal’s internship is part of a project on social entrepreneurship funded by the Kaufman Foundation and administered by the Lynchburg College Center for Community Development and Social Justice.

A double major in communication and religious studies, Jamaal will assist with exhibit production and collection management and will also serve as a docent. In the course of the summer, he will also have a chance to attend a board meeting and observe other Museum functions and activities.

As past interns from LC and R-MWC have done, Jamaal will provide Legacy with a much-needed pair of hands while also gaining professional experience in several areas of special interest to him. He will work through the middle of August.

Jamaal is from Arlington, Va., and spent his childhood summers with family in Culpeper. His parents are John and Ruth Crone.

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