Legacy participates in Kaleidoscope activities

Legacy’s exhibit at Day-in-the-Park September 13 was a great success largely because of the delightful panel of church-goers painted by Geral Butler. Children enjoyed sticking their heads through the holes and having their pictures taken and coloring copies of Geral’s sketches for the panel. Many, many thanks to Geral for donating her artistic talents and time!! The panel is a marvelous addition to the Museum’s traveling exhibits and is sure to be an attraction for years to come.

Thanks to Cheryl, Toni Pate, Christine Petticolas, and Barbara Colfield for organizing and hosting the exhibit. Thanks too to Howard Butler, Leroy Cofield, and Everett Heath for carpentry and transportation services.

Sunday the 14th Cheryl and Carolyn Bell participated in the Old City Cemetery’s program, “From Pulpit to Pew: how men and women buried in the Old City Cemetery transformed the Seat of Satan’s Kingdom into the City of Churches 1806-1906.” Carolyn read a brief history of Rev. Phillip Fisher Morris (c.1852-1923). Morris, who is buried in the cemetery, has been featured in two Museum exhibits. Cheryl gave the crowd an overview of the current exhibit, “By God’s Grace” and invited all to visit the Museum after the cemetery program. Many did just that.

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