New Officers, New Opportunities

At its February 19 meeting, the board of the Legacy Project elected the following officers: Claudette S. Haskins, president; Gloria M. Cardwell, vice-president; Joyce S. Dixon, secretary; Cornelia C. Campbell, recording secretary, and Patricia Gentry, treasurer. At the same time, the board acknowledged the years of hard work given by the outgoing officers: president Joseph A. Berryman, vice-president Thomas Leebrick, secretary Claudette Haskins, and treasurer Kelvin Moore.

As the Museum has grown, so has the work involved in building the collection, planning events, managing publicity, publishing the newsletter, hosting visitors to the museum, and raising funds. There are standing committees for each of these activities. You can make the Museum yours by volunteering to serve on one of those committees. For particulars, please call Cheryl Stallings at 845-3455.

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