Volunteers Needed

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those gracious, well-informed people who tell museum visitors interesting stories about the people and artifacts featured in an exhibit? Well, you can be. Just call Cheryl Stallings at the Museum (845-3455) and tell her you want to become a docent.

Being a docent is a great way to learn more about your history and to meet visitors from all over the world. This is a job anyone with interest in the Museum can do. No prior experience or special education is needed as all docents receive training.

The amount of time you donate is up to you. Some docents volunteer for an afternoon each week; others give an afternoon once a month. Docents are also needed to help share the contents of the traveling baskets with community groups.

Current docents are Cornelia Campbell, Veronica DeLuze, Joyce Dixon, Gloria Franklin, Maryann James, Toni Pate, Jimmy Taylor, Carla Heath, Valeria Chambers, and Victoria Davis.

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