Legacy Programs for 2014

Community Leaders Are Readers: Civil War Youth Book Series

The Legacy Museum of African American History announces the Civil War Youth Book and Activity Series, beginning on Saturday, July 26 from 10am-12pm. 

The summer program is designed to give children the opportunity to learn about history and contributions made by slaves during and after the civil war. The selected books will be read by local community leaders. In addition to story and activity time, participants will also be able to create a craft to take home.

The program is free and open to children, parents, and the general public. Seating is limited, and registration is required. Call 434-845-3455 to register and obtain additional information about the workshops.

July 26, 20214  10am-12pm: Civil War Drummer Boy

    • Featured Book: “Lil Dan the Drummer Boy” by Romare Bearded
    • Activities: Banister Jackson Story, learn drum beats and make collage.
    • Read by  Royal Shiree, Writer/Poet

August 2, 2014 10am-12pm: Travel By the Stars

    • Featured Book: “Follow the Drinking Gourd” by Jeannette Winter
    • Activities: Learn Drinking Gourd Song and decorate a gourd for musical sounds
    • Read by Mrs. Hermina Hendricks, Randolph College

August 9, 2014  10am-12pm: Women in the Civil War

    • Featured Book: “My Reminiscences of My Life in Camp” by Susan King Taylor
    • Activities: Discover Soldiers Haversack and tour of the Old City Cemetery Pest House (Picnic included)
    • Read by Nathan Wittkamp, Red Cross Executive and Ted Delany, Old City Cemetery

August 23, 2014  10am-12pm: Escape to the North

    • Featured Book: “The Underground Railroad” by Ellen Levine
    • Activities: Underground Railroad booklet
    • Read by Honorable Ceasor Johnson and Mrs. Rosie Johnson

August 30, 2014 10am-12pm: Freedom and Justice

    • Featured Book: “Henry ‘Box’ Brown” by Ellen Levine
    • Activities: Decorate a memory box and write a short story about your journey.
    • Read by Rev. Carl Hutcherson





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