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As a member of the Legacy Museum of African American History, you are vital to the continuing quality and growth of an institution dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the significant contributions of the African American community in the Lynchburg and Central Virginia area.

Membership provides an excellent opportunity to make a difference in your community while preserving and expanding the museum’s experience and reach. We rely on your generosity to continue this work and every gift of support makes a difference.

Legacy Project, Inc. aims, through its programming and exhibitions, to make visible to the public the rich social and cultural history of Central Virginia’s African Americans. Perhaps now more than ever, there is a continued need to retrieve, interpret and display photographs, documents and other artifacts that might otherwise be lost. Legacy Project, Inc. continues to address the need to build a permanent collection of materials, so a broader history can continue to be shared, studied and appreciated by future generations to come.

Membership Benefits

With membership, you will receive a membership card entitling you to unlimited admission to the museum, notification of openings and educational programs, as well as a complimentary subscription to our upcoming program calendar and newsletter.

All memberships are valid for one year.

Senior Membership $15

Student Membership $15

Individual Adult $30

Senior Family $40

Family $60

Please make checks payable to the Legacy Project, Inc. and mail to:

Legacy Project, Inc.

P.O. Box 308

Lynchburg, VA 24505

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